Choose A Perfect Toy for Your Little One

Toys play an important role in growth and development of every kid, as they go through the growing up process. We can’t imagine a childhood without toys and games. A perfect toy offer kids full entertainment and ability to discover new things in the best possible way. Nowadays, your toys choice is nearly unlimited, because toys for kids come in many different shapes, sizes and colors for different age groups of kids. Technological advancements have made it even more exciting that children would most likely inches for their toys. You can find a small to a large electronic toy in cost thousands of pounds.

Today, you can find amazing toys, popular video games and toy story figures at very reasonable prices. In this article, I would like to discuss about how to choose a perfect toy according to different age groups.

Baby Toys and Infant Toys (0-1 year)

Baby and Infant Toys should stimulate and entertain children from the ages 0 – 12 months or 0 -1 year. Choosing the right toy for a baby is a difficult task. Babies love toys which make noise, which are colorful and interesting, so objects of different sizes, colors and shapes are perfect for them

Toddler Toys (1-3years)

At this stage, children are full of energy and eager to explore everything that surrounds them. All the time, they are ready to do all types of physical activities such as pushing, pulling, lugging, knocking down, emptying and filling. Toddler walkers, colorful books, lightweight balls, soft and musical soft toys for kids such as angry bird are very popular in toddlers.

Preschool Toys (3-5 years)

Preschool is one of the most important stages of every kid’s development. Preschool toys to have an educational feel to them, and also it is the best way to help imagine different situations and act it out. R/C vehicles, pianos, buzz light year action figure, scarlet witch and vision are some of the most popular toys.

School Age Toys (5-8 years)

As your kid grows, the way he plays will change, so choose a perfect toy according to your kid interest. At this stage, kids are very curious, and they want to explore and discover everything. They usually prefer vtech toys and video games such as Super Mario Games for Kids and Crazy Machines, etc. American McGee’s Alice is one of the most favorite toys of kids.

Tween Toys (8-12 years)

As kids grow into teens, their interests begin to expand, so at this stage, they prefer to fast-paced games, learning musical instruments, figuring out complicated mechanisms and much more. This is the right time when your kids are shaping up their personalities in the best possible way. Ben 10 ultimate omnitrix, RC cars, ben 10 alien force toys are good toy choices for this age group.

5 Ways to Get More Out of Toddler Toys

Do you remember when new toys were for birthdays and Christmas? We made do, very happily with the toys we had in between these to major occasions. It sometimes feels easier to just buy something new when our young children get bored with what they have, and our homes end up with unloved toys in every crevice. I’m keen for my son to appreciate the toys he has, to use his imagination and creativity to get the most out of each and every toy, and not to have that ‘throw-away’ mentality which seems so prevalent in Western society today. Here are a few old school ideas to keep up the enjoyment factor of the toys your child already has.

1. Toy Swap – If you are in contact with families who have children the same age as yours, you can organize a regular toy swap to give your little one a variety of toys…at no cost. You will also find that they may gain some renewed interest in their own toys. Agree the terms in advance with the other families, eg. how many toys to swap at a time (one is usually enough) and the timeframe, eg. one week. Get your child to select a few toys they are happy to do without for a while. At the “swap meet” allow your child to chose from the toys the other child is offering. To minimize potential problems, ensure that your tot understands in advance that they are borrowing the toys, and that they will need to be returned.

2. Toy Cleanout – Get your toddler or preschooler involved in a toy cleanout. There are always forgotten toys which have been hidden away behind furniture or under the current favorites.

3. Toy Repair – Buy a tube of your favorite Super Glue and set aside a clear hour to repair all of those toys that have been loved to death.

4. Toy Rotation – Use a large plastic crate with a lid to hide away toys which you notice are currently out of favour. Rotate toys in and out of this box to keep them fresh and interesting for your child. For example, we have 4 different types of building blocks. We rotate these sets so that there are only ever 2 sets out at a time.

5. Toy Upcycle – Upcycling is recycling an object into something else that is useful. It is great fun to get your toddler or preschooler involved in upcycling toys which they are bored with. An easy idea is to add a superhero cape to teddy if your child as become interested in superheroes. A current favorite in our household is to turn bulldozers and aeroplanes into Thunderbirds (60s TV program) by adding stickers that have numbers written on them to make them into Thunderbird 2 etc.

If these suggestions do not quite fill the boredom gap, you could become a member of your local toy library. Your child can try the toys for a short period of time, without you having to buy.